VILA Notes digital magazine

Concept, design and development

The Challenge

Make an online version of VILA’ printed lifestyle magazine which features the latest fashion trends, bloggers and VILA styles. It should play nicely on PC’s, Mac’s and iPad’s and the user experience should be inspired by native tablet magazines like Wired, Vogue et cetera.

The Solution

The individual pages have a highly differentiated layout leaving the user with more of a magazine feeling than a traditional micro site.

The pages also have different interactive effects like a lean-back audio toursliding transitions and parallax scrolling to support the content. Again, this makes every section feel more unique and interesting — Just like articles in a traditional magazine.

You navigate between articles simply by swiping the covers.

Final Words

At one point in the design process there was a bit of fear that people wouldn’t know how to use the minimal navigation. I suggested simply testing on real people and then modifying if necessary. Google Analytics told us that users not only knew, intuitively, how to browse the site, but they actually stayed much longer than on VILA’s official website.

I am a big believer in test-driven design as it’s the only way to really know if something works or not and I feel like it should be used at a much larger scale than it is today.

On the technical side heavy use of HTML5 features on top of a JavaScript web application made everything platform-independent.