Skive Festival Website

Concept, design, development and animation.

The challenge

Skive Festival needed a complete revamp of their existing website. One that would convey the essence of a music festival through videos, music and community integration. At the same time, they wanted full CMS support for pages and menus.

The solution

I designed a front page where the main focus point was a large video player, not only serving as a frame for music videos, but also as a means to promote new headliners, competitions et cetera. When the user navigates to a sub page the music keeps playing and the big video morphs into an easy-to-reach media center where you can control volume and change and preview tracks.

Due to the full CMS backend, and no sitemap indicating what pages the menu should contain, I had to come up with a highly flexible menu system that would allow for any number of pages. Yet I wanted something so minimal that it would only take up screen space when it was in use, and fade away when it wasn’t. The icon dock served as a great solution, and by animating it in when the first page loads I ensured that the user was aware of its existence.

Final Words

This website was conceptualized during the autumn of 2009, when high-definition video still wasn’t commonplace on the web, at least not on festival websites in Denmark. We pushed the envelope with Skive Festival in many ways and a survey later that year revealed that the guests were very much liking the new digital experience at I made this at Openminded.

In March of 2012 I completely redid the festival website using HTML5, JavaScript and other modern technology. That redesign won an FWA and a couple of other awards. Check it out here: Skive Festival 2012.