Jeremy Keith on Responsive Design

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Jeremy Keith on Responsive Design

And one of the things, and this is going to be kind of hard to accept, is learning to give up this idea, this illusions, of control … And it was an illusion. It’s not like we had control for the last 10 years and are now giving it up. We agreed that there was a set size. A set bandwidth. A set of capabilities in the browser, but it was never there … What we’re doing now, is accepting that we have no control.
Jeremy Keith

This video won’t teach you how to do media queries in CSS3 or how to feature detect using Modernizr.

This video is about the why of responsive design. How the web is inherently responsive, accessible and fast and how we as designers, and developers, break it by forcing it to fit in fixed width containers and taking on presumptions about the user and their device capabilities.

Jeremy suggest we design for mobile first and then add content and reflow the layout as more pixels become available. Rather than starting with a desktop-sized website and try to rework it for a 3.5″ phone.

There is a lot of talk about responsive design these years, but this video is one of the best ones I’ve seen on the topic thus far.