Chrome Dev Tools in 2013

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As the complexity and functionality of web applications has grown, so has Chrome DevTools. In this recap of Paul Irish’s Google I/O 2013 talk Chrome DevTools Revolutions 2013, you get a look at the latest features that are revolutionizing how you build and test web applications.
HTML5 Rocks

Feature roundup

  1. Workspaces lets you use DevTools as your source code editor.
  2. If you use Sass, you’ll love the ability to live-edit Sass (.scss) files within DevTools and see your changes immediately reflected on the page.
  3. Remotely debugging pages on Chrome for Android has been possible for a while, but the ADB extension makes connecting to Android devices simpler. Reverse port forwarding lets you easily connect to localhost on your development machine from your device.
  4. Performance is always a concern in web applications, and DevTools has a number of new features to help you track down bottlenecks, including the new Flame Chart visualization for CPU profiling and several new tools for debugging performance problems related to rendering and memory use.

These features are live in Chrome 28, now available in the stable update channel. To learn more, visit HTML5 Rocks.

  • Antonio Mendoza Pérez

    Thanks for share it, it’s very interesting.

    • Jens Ahrengot Boddum

      Yep the DevTools are getting extremely powerful – For every update of Google Chrome I end up spending less time in my editor and more time in the DevTools.

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