Top 3 ads from Super Bowl XLVI

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My top 3 favorite ads from Super Bowl 46

Alright, here’s my annual summary of the best ads from The Super Bowl, but before I get onto the ads let me tell you this: Super Bowl Sunday is a different story in Denmark. I can do with the time zone difference and the fact I have to wait untill the next day for the ads to show up on YouTube, but one thing that truly annoys me is the commentators. For some reason they are danish.

This completely puzzles me. To anyone outside the US, Super Bowl boils down to a 6-hour stereotypical cultural exploration: You’ve got big warrior-like atheletes, an excessive half time show,the most expensive commercials in the World and those legendary commentator voices as the cherry on top.

Why would you ever want to change that? Do they actually think they’re doing us danes a service dubbing out the real commentators?

Anyway ’nuff rambing. Off the the ads:

Oh, and the worst one? Without a doubt The Dog Strikes Back from VW. Such a pathetic comeback after the brilliant Darth Vader last year that I won’t even dignify it by commenting further.

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What’s your take?

Don’t forget to link to your favorites in the comments of course! Looking forward to hearing your opinions.

Also, how do you think the quality this year compares to last year?