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A Technique for Producing Ideas by James Webb Young

A Technique for Producing Ideas

This book reveals the process your brain goes through when it comes up with ideas. It makes it tangible and teaches you to take control of the process. Being only 48 pages long, It’s a very quick read. It actually feels more like an article or a long blog post than a book, but in those 48 James Webb Young manages to concise idea-creation into a conscious 5-step process.

The 5 steps of idea generation

  1. Gathering of materials and information
  2. Working over those materials in your head trying to combine bits of information into a new idea
  3. Giving up, putting it aside and letting your subconscious work on it while you stimulate your consciousness with something completely different. Be it a movie, a book or anything else as long as it keeps your mind active.
  4. The idea pops into your head at any random time. Often while half-asleep or in the shower
  5. Shaping and developing the idea. Sharing it with others and applying the feedback.

I greatly enjoyed reading through this one, so for your own sake, please go pick up a copy :)

You can browse the book and check reviews on Amazon.

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