The state of WordPress

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Above is the yearly address in where Matt Mullenweg, the founder of WordPress, talks about their 2011 milestones, predictions and what their new focus points are.

22% of new US domains are running WordPress

As WordPress keeps picking up popularity as a CMS for almost any kind of website – including CNN, Irrational Games, Mozilla and the one you’re browsing right now. It’s definitely a platform to keep your eye on if you’re involved in web design.

22% of all new US domains are running WordPress

“WordPress is not just growing, it’s accelerating ...”

Why I love this open source product

One of the best things I’ve done for my career was starting to use WordPress in my projects as I can now create beautiful, fully content-manageable, websites for my clients. Websites built on a rock-solid platform that has been tested and tried by thousands of companies and literally billions of visitors.

By relying on this ready-made highly adaptable software I keep my focus on the things I do best; concept and design, knowing I am building on top of a solid foundation.

This leads to better and easier-to-use websites for my clients.

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