The Semantic Web

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The Semantic Web is a “web of data” that enables machines to understand the semantics, or meaning, of information on theWorld Wide Web.[1] It extends the network of hyperlinked human-readable web pages by inserting machine-readable metadata about pages and how they are related to each other, enabling automated agents to access the Web more intelligently and perform tasks on behalf of users.
The Semantic Web, Wikipedia

So, The Semantic Web is supposed to be the next big thing, right? That’s not really news. A lot of websites have organized their content with tags, vocabularies and categories for a long time, but what is interesting, is that we are starting to use some of this semantic markup now, and in some pretty creative ways.

One example is the way some new mobile devices are organizing your contacts and photos. Tagged content like Facebook status updates, tweets, Flickr galleries and so forth is automatically identified as relevant content and is added automatically to your contacts. All of this is naturally kept up to date and in sync via the cloud.

Anyway, all this semantic web stuff can be hard to wrap your head around. This short documentary, in plain english, is a good place to start.

  • webdesigner

    I try to make my websites compatible to the semantic web as possible, but it requires a lot of work. So for small websites it is not worth the time.

    • Jens Ahrengot Boddum

      Well, in my opinion at least, it has nothing to do with the size of the site, rather it’s the kind of content on there and the importance of that content being future proof.

      Surely I’m not saying you strictly need to future-proof every little web project you have going, sometimes those sites aren’t supposed to live longer than a month or two, or the money just aren’t there to do it. But as online professionals I believe we should be aware of these emerging possibilities and tell our clients about them.

  • Peach

    Interesting videos, but you need really a lot of time to observance, assimilate and integrate all this stuff. But in most of the cases, it is worth the trouble. So thank you for posting the videos.

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