Stefan Sagmeister on Happiness

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In this lecture held at We Love Graphic Design 2011 in Copenhagen, graphic design guru Stefan Sagmeister sets out from the fact, that Danes according to international surveys are some of the happiest people in the World. Sagmeister himself is working on a documentary about happiness, and at WLGD he zoomed in on the parameters of what makes humans happy, spiced with his own experiences, practices and opinions on the subject. He also attempts an answers his own question: “ Can you pursue happiness as a designer?”.
LYNFabrikken / Vimeo

One of my favorite designers

In 2011 I went to We Love Graphic Design in Copenhagen because, one of my favorite designers, Stefan Sagmeister was speaking there.

Stefan is probably most known for the year-long sabbaticals he take every 7 years. The logic behind this is retiring 5 years later and spend some time off before your body gets all old, wrinkled and tired. Now, these sabatticals aren’t spent on the beach sipping margaritas, but instead used for personal projects where the normal limitations of client work doesn’t apply.

Stefan is a very interesting person and his talks give a lot of food for thought, so go make yourself a nice cup of coffee, sit down and watch the video. You won’t regret it.

If you’re interested in more of Stefan Sagmeisters work, check out Sagmeister & Walsh and his book “Things I have learned in my life so far”

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