Flipboard 2.0

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About 1 year ago I put aside Flipboard, in favor of the Zite, which isn’t feed-based, but instead tries to figure out what topics you like and aggregate articles for you based on that. It does a really good job of that, but I miss Flipboard’s beautiful user interface.

New, personal magazines

Flipboard 2.0 to the rescue (Maybe.. I’ll have to play around with this a little longer before I fully switch back) with personal magazines. The idea is, that users put together magazines, based on content from all the sources they read. Magazines can be public so I could subscribe to magazines from web developers, designers, chefs, psychologists, architects and have most of my interests covered.

The next time I open Flipboard I’ll have all new content, from not only my own news feed, but the news feeds of those I follow. Wrapped in a design almost as rich as that in real art directed magazines like Wired … Completely free of charge.

Man, I love The Internet!