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First of all, I should say that I’m in no way involved with AppPresser, nor do I get any money through affiliate linking or anything like that. I’m just sharing a cool product with you.

What it does

On the packaging it says: “AppPresser allows you to create a real mobile app from the ground up, using native device hardware like the camera, using only WordPress.”.

… Now, that’s a pretty interesting proposal. Let’s take a deeper look!

Example app created using AppPresser for WordPress

Take a look at the example app. And learn more about AppPresser here:

A premium plugin

This is not a free plugin. Prices range from $49-499 depending on your licensing needs and if you want the E-commerce module.

AppPresser relies on Phonegap

Phonegap by Adobe is the industry standard for faking native apps. They do this by using a native app as a sort of “window” through which users interact with your web page. This means that you get the benefits of native apps (App stores, push notification and deeper API’s than web pages have access to), without having to learn the native programming languages.

You won’t get the performance of of native apps, neither will the app work if you don’t have an internet connection, because in reality your app is still just a web page built with HTML, JavaScript and CSS. But in some instances this can be just fine. Like, for instance, a web shop that doesn’t require a lot of smooth animations or an experimental user interface.

AppPresser’s marketing copy is misleading

As much as I like the idea, I stumpled on multiple misleading quotes in their video and throughout their marketing copy. Let’s take a look at this quote for instance:

Integrate native device features

Unlike any other product, AppPresser allows you to tap into device hardware such as the camera, contacts, geolocation, notifications, and more.

Allow customers to upload pictures right from your app, or integrate geolocation to give them directions to your nearest store location. We give you the tools so you can build any type of app you want.

Out of those 4 features only half are specific to native apps. Native camera support and geolocation works just as well on normal web pages. For instance, here’s a camera/video input that can be styled, and that work on both desktop and mobile:

File inputs

If you’re curious, the above input is nothing more than a default file input. Without going into too much of a segway, it gives you a few options

<!-- A single image/video -->
<input type="file">

<!-- Multiple files -->
<input type="file" multiple>

<!-- Allow only images -->
<input type="file" accept="image/*">

<!-- Allow only videos -->
<input type="file" accept="video/*">

And of course you get to geolocation simply through

navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition(function(pos) { 

Go ahead, paste the geolocation snippet into your console and you’ll get the latitude and longitude of your current position returned.

Final verdict

AppPresser’s misleading marketing aside, I think it’s a cool idea. The main benefit being distribution through the app store, and the fact you don’t have to sit down and learn Phonegap.

Have you made any apps with AppPresser? I’d love to see them and hear about your experience with the plugin.

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