The 5 Best iPad Apps

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Your must-have iPad applications

We all love the iPad (Well, most of us anyway) but without apps the iPad wouldn’t be worth much. Here are my top 5 iPad apps.

Flipboard - Your news in a wonderful wrapping

Flipboard is essentially nothing more than a news feed, but in a wonderful wrapping. Flipboard supports lots of different sources like Facebook, twitter, flickr, Google Reader, and lots of Flipboard feeds. What makes Flipboard stand out from the horde of other feed-apps is the design. It takes whatever feed you wish to see and applies a beautiful design, which makes it feel like you’re not just reading a bunch of pointless Facebook status updates, but makes it feel like flipping through a magazine. And it’s free!
Flipboard in the App Store

Aweditorium - The app for indie music

Aweditorium is THE app for anyone who likes indie music. When you start it up it selects a track from the database at random and starts playing. Every track is spiced with photos and small graphic facts about the band or artist you’re listening to. You can even switch it to lyrics-mode for most songs by tapping the screen. All content is provided by the artists themselves. The music is great and the user interface is simple yet beautiful. Most tracks even include a video with some extra content, be it a live performance from the band, video blog or something completely different. It’s a great way to discover new music or enjoy the music you’ve already discovered, and one of the best Apps for iPad I’ve ever seen.
Aweditorium in the App Store

LIFE and Guardian Eyewitness

Guardian Eyewitness iPad App

The people who know Life Magazine all know that some of the best photographers in the world over the years, have worked for Life. Their iPad app gives the user free access to hundreds of galleries with Life’s best pictures, covering almost any genre. But be careful – once you open this app and start flicking through the pictures it’s hard to stop. There are so many breathtaking and beautiful pictures that even after spending a lot of hours browsing, I still discover new pictures all the time. Every picture is accompanied by a short text explaining the story behind it, and it makes for very interesting reading. New galleries are added often so you’re sure not to run of stuff to look at for a long time.

The Guardian Eyewitness is the “one-picture-a-day” app from the British newspaper. Where Life offers loads of pictures this app only gives you one picture a day – But what a picture! Each picture tells its own unique story, and they look stunning.

Life in the App Store
The Guardian Eyewitness in the App Store

Project - Interactive magazine

Project is Virgin-entrepreneur Richard Branson’s new iPad magazine. So far five issues have been published, and each more breathtaking than the last. Project gives digital magazines a whole new dimension, using video, audio, and the iPad’s built-in functions to the fullest. The app is free, but each issue costs around 3 dollars, which is a very fair price considering the amount of content you get. Project is made exclusively for the iPad and was even featured on the demo models of the iPad when Apple announced the next line of tablets. Project has a very informal tone, and it’s just a joy to read and look at.
Project in the App Store

Evernote - Great notetaking app

If you’re like me and believe that the iPad can be used for work as well as fun, you need Evernote. As the name implies, Evernote is a notepad but much better than the standard one Apple offers. You can add pictures and audio to your notes, put them in to notebooks, sort by geotag, use tags and much more. It also syncs with the Evernote servers, which means that when you create a note on your iPad it’s also on your smart phone and your computer. So even if you forget your iPad with all your notes at home right before an important meeting, you just get out your phone or laptop and it’s all right there. It’s quick, easy, and works perfectly.
Evernote in the App Store

What’s your favorite iPad Apps?

We would love to hear from you. What are the best iPad apps to you and why? Do you use you iPad for work, fun or both?

Also, a big thanks to Jeppe Olesen who guest-blogged this article! Check out his Twitter profile and let him know what you think.

  • Anonymous

    That’s a great list of apps. I already have few of those, and I can’t wait to add the others onto my list. My personal favorite app is one I never really intended on even keeping. I work at DISH Network and a while back they came out with this TV Everywhere app, and we were encouraged to check it out if we had a compatible mobile device, and just get familiar with it in case we had a customer call in having problems with it or just questions about it. So I picked it up on my iPad, and figured I’d use for a day or two and then trash it. Now I love the thing. It lets you watch live or recorded TV off your home receiver from anywhere in the world you can get a wifi or 3G connection. I use it just about every day on my lunch break at work, and it was a lifesaver when I was stuck at the airport between flights.

    • Jeppe H. Olesen

      Thanks :) Always nice to know your content is appreciated ;)

      I’ve been looking for the TV Everywhere app you’re talking about but I can’t seem to find it in the app store.. Have you got a link to it?

      • Jens Ahrengot Boddum

        This might be a location specific restriction. TV apps and sites from the states are often blocked over here in Europe.

      • Anonymous

        Absolutely. Just go here and it has links to Apple and Android app stores. If you have any other questions be sure to let me know…like I said, I didn’t really plan on using it but I love the thing.

        • Jens Ahrengot Boddum

          Just tried downloading it, but as I feared it’s a US-only app. Probably because of licensing policies.

          Anyway, it looks pretty sweet. I like the idea of remote access to your TV. I know something similar can be set up in Denmark where I live, but I can’t remember the name of that app.

          Thanks for sharing! :)

  • IntegratedS

    Nice list would like to add more..Check out Sort Shots, which uses the power of tags to quickly sort and organize your photos. You can rate your photos (to sort your favourites to the top quickly) and tag multiple photos at once. Tags can be organized into hierarchical categories as well; the default top level categories are People, Places, and Events.

  • Jens Ahrengot Boddum

    Thanks for the tip IntegratedS. We’re probably going to follow up with another five apps in the near future, so we’ll keep Sort Shorts in mind. Did you check out Zite by the way? I talk about it in this blog post: Zite – Personalized news on your iPad.

  • Jack

    Nice List guys! I would like to add DISCOSALT indie music, film, art Magazine App to the list. Some great content, sweet design and great indie culture and news.

    • Jens Ahrengot Boddum

      Very cool, Jack!

      It’s great to see so much traditional media taking advantage of new technolgy.

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