About me

What I do, how I help businessees and the latest updates

What I do

I work with businesses

I help businesses find and improve the key metrics that matter most (See testimonials). This could be sales, conversion %, foot traffic, social media reach et cetera.

I work with agencies

I help agencies develop creative concepts that impress clients and win pitches.

I work with start-ups

I help start-ups brand and develop their products.

In short: I help grow businesses, around the World, by relying on modern web technology to think and build first class products.


I keep up to date with latest and greatest in web technology, so I can help you make the right decisions. I create WordPress websites, single-page JavaScript applications, Node.js services and do a lot of mobile web development. Across the line, I build modular solutions, that can easily be refactored and will scale with your product as it grows.

Design methodology

I believe in a pragmatic approach to design. That means …

  1. Design decisions should be based on data, tests and tracking.
  2. Websites should be responsive and designed for mobile first — Learn why.
  3. Performance is front and center. It will make or break your product.
  4. Aesthetics should be contemporary, but not driven by design fads. Look and feel needs to be based on your brand, not on whatever is currently in vogue. Your visual identity needs to be unique to you and it should not feel outdated as soon as the current trend dies out.

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